Dissonanssi is a mixed choir from Otaniemi singing diverse music all the way from renaissance to glam metal — without forgetting to have fun! The choir was founded in 2013. Our members are mainly students of Aalto University.

We have rehearsals once a week in Otaniemi. The choir is conducted by Nadja Härkönen. Our rehearsals are conducted in Finnish, however you are welcome to join even with no Finnish speaking skills, someone is always willing to translate!

Katso tämä sivu suomeksi

Want to sing?

We welcome new singers in the beginning of every semester by organising open rehearsals and auditions in September and January. Prior experience on choir singing is not mandatory, but it is useful if you are be able to practice also on your own.

In the auditions, only the choir conductor and vocal range leaders will be present, and you will be asked to sing one song of your choice without accompaniment, after which we will test your vocal range and do a melody repetition task.

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Dissonanssi performances

Dissonanssi organises two concerts during the year, one during the spring semester and one during the fall semester. In addition to these, you can see us perform in some other events, for example Kuorojen kierros during Art Goes Kapakka. We post information of upcoming gigs in Facebook!

Book us for a gig!

Are you looking for a musical performance for a wedding, sitsi party, birthday party or some other event? You can inquire Dissonanssi performances as a quartet, doule quartet or for a bigger ensemble. Contact Dissonanssi board for inquiries.

Supporting membership

Membership fees and supporting members make it possible for our choir to continue singing. Supporting members are the first ones to hear about our upcoming concerts via email. The price for the supporting membership is 30 euros annually.

If you are interested in becoming a supporting member, you can join by filling the registration form! You can also contact the board for more information.

Contact information

The choir association works under Aalto University Student Union. The association board is responsible for all administrative tasks.

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